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The song names of the country music are generated by default. You can select genre to generate.

  • Sound Of The Moon
  • Medal Of Roses
  • Need Of Nowhere
  • Sunshine Of Independence
  • Dreams For Love
  • Message Of A Dollar
  • Imagine My Hat
  • Crazy For Ways
  • History Of His Daddy
  • Leave Guy
  • Without Your Place
  • Dream My Roses
  • Easy And Song
  • Midnight And Promises
  • Midnight And Chance
  • Good And Game
  • No And Mind
  • Lost And Chance
  • Darling, You're Wild
  • Baby, Wouldn't It Be Nice
  • Hold Me
  • Darling, Kiss Me
  • Babe, You Hurt Me
  • Let Me Be
  • She Knows You're Bad For Me
  • He Thinks You're Bad For Me
  • I Know
  • I Said I Am Troubled
  • He's A Cowboy
  • He Hates She Knows About Me